The results!

Congratulations to Bremen University for winning the ESA Lunar Robotic Challenge! And congratulations to all the other teams for building and bringing their robots to Tenerife. It seems the challenge was a lot trickier than anticipated with Bremen being the only team to complete the challenge in full, and bad weather on day 6 halted the trials for both Pisa teams.

We on the like to extend our thanks to everyone to has helped us and organised the event. Thanks to ESA and Active Connect on site for getting everything up and running for a smooth and well organised week on site. Thanks to the other teams for their kind words after we encountered problems with Selene, thanks to everyone in the University of Surrey FEPS workshop and UG labs, thanks our sponsors, thanks to the admin staff at Surrey FEPS for putting up with all of our requests, thanks to Excel Air Freight for getting our equipment to Tenerife and back, thanks to Lincad for providing us with an excellent set of batteries and thanks to everyone else who helped us out over the past 4 months, sorry if I haven’t named you specifically!

Check back for the videos from the week soon!

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